The Evolution of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi turned 20 this year which for all intents and purposes, makes it a full-fledged adult. With all of the hullabaloo around its newest release, Wi-Fi 6, you may be wondering where along the way you missed Wi-Fi’s 1 through 5. Don’t worry, you didn’t.

Just as we were getting used to the 802.11 naming convention that the IEEE bestowed upon the world two decades ago, the Wi-Fi Alliance swooped in to simplify what industry insiders know as the new 802.11ax, to the more consumer-friendly moniker: Wi-Fi 6.

A move borrowed from the cellular industry’s terming of technologies like 4G and 5G.

What you will read:

  • Wi-Fi’s New Era
  • Where Wi-Fi and Security Connect
  • How and Where Wi-Fi 6 Applies
  • R2’s Take on the Future of Networking
  • What Every CEO Needs to Know (or Ask their IT Partner)

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